A note from Marilyn:

Marilyn’s passion for fashion jewelry and accessories has led her to the creation of an online store where she brings you a world of timeless, creative, colorful and collectible pieces. Her thirty plus years of experience in the retail world has developed in her a keen understanding that real style comes down to wearing what makes a person feel inspired, bold and beautiful.

She will be offering you a continually changing array of new pieces that will change with the seasons as well as your precious favorites and some avant garde and one of a kind pieces for the collectors who keep a watchful eye out for unique statement pieces to add to their wardrobe.

You will also find a delightful range of prices to choose from throughout the web store. She has a great eye that has dressed women for the Emmys, the Nobel Prize, meetings with President Obama and the magical moments that we hold dear and want the perfect accessories to silently speak for us as we make our life’s entrances. Marilyn’s is where you can add the extra touch to your style that makes it an expression of your deeper self. Now just a click away. Celebrate life; celebrate yourself!